Ode To My Sister

I have been asked to write about my sister, Amber,  before for the Ken and Mickey Book (a book my dad wrote in honor of my Grandma, Mickey). It would not be accurate to copy and paste, as she continues to impress me more each day. As children, I recall arguments, name calling and actual physical fights, including hitting, scratching, and hair pulling. But as adults, Amber and I have grown to be best friends. To my husband’s dismay, she is almost always the first one I call with anything; it is instinctual. I have tried many times to fend for myself, but she always seems to have the best advice. It does not mean that I always listen to her (as she will definitely attest to), but she’s a sounding board that I cannot imagine my life without. She is not one who likes to sit back and watch her loved ones hurt. When someone she loves is hurting, she will fight tooth and nail for them, no questions asked.

My sister not only strongly stands up for what she believes in, but she practices a life of morals and consistently demonstrates right vs. wrong. I recently made a decision at work which consequently resulted in some controversy with my colleagues. When expressing my rationale for my actions with my sister, she so eloquently reminded me that often “the right choice is not always the most popular choice.” She is so right (and most of the times, she is so right).

In order to live a comfortable but fun life, Amber has always been the one to watch her pennies closely. While Amber may describe me as lavish and “high maintenance” at times, I have described her as frugal or economical. You would never guess she is like this by looking at her clothing, home, vehicles, etc, but on many occasions, I find my lovely sister crunching numbers with a little calculator, paper, pencil, and a worn, frayed notebook. If her check register is off by 50 cents, she’ll be sure to call the bank to rectify the situation!

One of my favorite things is spending time with my sister and her kids (and now my own), whether it is visiting over meals or coffee.  I spend so much time over at our childhood home which she and Scott call their own. Every Sunday night, you can find us with our families gathered around their kitchen table sharing a meal together. We take turns cooking (except for Tyler; he comes to just eat).

Another aspect of my sister that I cannot go without mentioning is her selflessness. I find myself having to remind her to take time for herself, as she is always doing something for someone else. She runs off of very little sleep, and unfortunately she gets her fair share of migraines. The pain does not deter her from getting on with her daily tasks. I once asked her why she does not rest more, and she said, “I’m not going to let sickness ruin my day.” It takes a lot for Amber to miss out on something of importance (work, school assignments, kids events). She simply won’t succumb to obstacles. Her philosophy is life is too short.

So today, on a random Tuesday, I honor my sister. You are a rock and a constant in my life, and I will forever be grateful for our relationship, hair pulling and all 🙂



2 thoughts on “Ode To My Sister

  1. Although I am humbled to read such a complimentary post, I think you have always given me more credit than I deserve. There is no doubt that I am a very protective individual. I will defend anyone who hurts my family or friends – especially you. I can remember a couple occasions where I have had to do that. In reality, I know I have done it way too many times, but I can honestly say I’ve developed some very good self-control as I age some. As a kid I would knock on doors and chew out parents of children who teased you. I’ve had a few uncomfortable confrontations with boys who have not treated you right. I have driven hours on an interstate in the middle of the night to rescue you from a good friend who stole your boy. I have asked one of your former co-workers to treat you respectfully. I can think of many, as I am a mama bear through and through. However, I hope I haven’t done you a dis-service. I always wondered if protecting you so much inhibited you from dealing with conflict on your own. However, I have seen the assertive side of you (which was created when you lived in San Fran, I believe), so I am glad I didn’t do too much damage. I know this will be very difficult for me when my kids grow; you want to keep them in a perfect little bubble where no one will ever be able to hurt them. But you can’t. That will be the toughest part of parenthood, I believe

    In terms of your self-less comment, thank you. However, I can be as selfish as anyone. I am human. For instance, last night I thought about reading with my kids (which I ironically don’t do enough), but I decided to read my own book instead. There are countless examples that come to my mind – things I want to work on – because I would truly like to live up to your expectations and be a better person – a better Christian.

    Although you call me “economical,” I just don’t like the idea of spending more than I make (which can be hard when you’re married to a man with a hole in his pocket). Whenever it feels like I get ahead, there comes an unexpected expense. I am not sure why I am so particular about my checkbook balancing. It’s not that I always want to be right (which would be nice), but I like to be cognizant of my finances. That’s probably why it’s always so weird for me to see you use your debit card and 1) not write it down and 2) not get a receipt. Weird 🙂

    Finally, I’d like to address the migraines. They. Suck. Big. Time. However, I have known people with them so debilitating, that they couldn’t get out of bed. They get like that for me too, but I am so blessed to have medication that usually remedies the little monsters. I usually fill like a zombie from it, but I always try to remember 1) it’s not cancer (or some other fatal disease) and 2) my kids are healthy. This helps me stay in check, especially when I start to feel sorry for myself.

    Thanks for all the kind words, but I honestly could not compare to you, as your countless attributes never cease to amaze me.



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