Through Violet Eyes

An epiphany moment happened just the other day. While Violet stared up at me with those sea blue eyes and smiled, I literally saw my reflection in them. It made me really think of what kind of mother I aspire to be.

I have learned:

Patience truly is a virtue. With the fast paced world we live in, it is so easy to become accustomed to a instantaneous things (high speed internet, fast-food drive through), that we forget to appreciate the simple joys. Life in the slow lane is where I want to be—enjoying the small stuff— my baby’s giggles, a perfectly made cup of coffee, or a wonderful night’s sleep. I will strive to be more patient and prosper in the slow lane.


Although I always have prided myself in being a good listener, I have realized that with a full plate (full time work, mother, friend, etc), that my mind is not always completely set on what’s being said to me. I need to be cognizant of this, pause, and take it all in. My husband has brought this to my attention more lately. I will strive to be a better listener.

There is goodness all around us. On a lazy Sunday morning ,while in the drive-thru lane at Caribou coffee, the person ahead of me paid for my (and my sister’s) coffee. This small random act of kindness inspired me immensely. It made me realize how generous and thoughtful people can be, despite being perfect strangers. I will strive do more random acts of kindness.

Some people may not be nice at times, but before I immediately judge them for their less than A-game attitudes, I must remind myself that “everyone is fighting some kind of battle.” Maybe she just lost a loved one, is going through a divorce, or suffering from a chronic illness. Although it does not excuse blatant disrespect, it does offer some perspective. I will strive to be more compassionate and understanding.

Through Violet eyes, I will strive.

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