Doting Dads are Hot

Do you ever see a dad playing with his child and think, “Wow, that guy is hot.”

I woke up in a confused state after a few extra hours of blissful slumber this morning. 10:21 a.m….seriously? Then I remember my husband told me (while I was ¾ still asleep) that he was taking off with our daughter to visit his brothers’ family. I couldn’t help but feel so appreciative for this small act. I woke up at my own pace. Waking up without an alarm clock feels heavenly. I pondered what to do with  just myself, and I think “Grocery shopping kid-free? Yes!”  (Oh, what makes a mama happy, huh?). I even had time to sit, eat a muffin, and drink coffee while perusing the store ads before shopping.

While I was sitting there making my list, a man sits down at the table next to me with his two beautiful red-headed daughters. They were the true definition of “gingers.” They were adorable. I was in such a refreshed, Energizer Bunny state that I struck up a conversation with him. “How old are they?,” I ask. He responds, “Three and one-and-a-half.” We then proceed to have a ten minute conversation as they nibble on their sprinkled donuts and squeal, “Daddy!” repeatedly and innocently giggle. It was obvious they adored him. It warmed my heart, and for that moment I wished I was a photographer, as I had the perfect candid moment to snap…a loving father taking his two young daughters out for donuts on a wonderfully lazy Sunday morning. It made me think…”Doting dads like these are hot.”

What I have defined as “hot” in a man has changed over the years. While I used to put high value on his height, hair, or teeth, I now give him higher marks based on excellent diaper changing skills, his techniques with soothing a crying baby, and his ability to ignite belly laughter. Domesticity has never been more attractive.

Who needs a candle lit dinner or flowers? Just make our baby laugh, and I’m all yours 🙂

Doting dads are hot…

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