Pollyanna and Christmas

My sister tells me my blog is too much like a “fairy tale” and that I sound “too positive” all the time.  I probably am kind of a Pollyanna.

The truth is, I do struggle in life (who doesn’t?)– for me, it’s my battle with weight and depression. Do I often write about my troubles? No. When I feel inspired, I write. When I feel passionate, I write. When I’m sad, I don’t tend to write. And maybe if I did, I’d feel better sooner. Now that it’s been brought to my attention, I will try that (thanks for the constructive criticism, Sis). In her words, my positive outlook probably isn’t “popular.” Perhaps I didn’t feel like the world wanted to hear more about the mundane problems in my world– counting calories, feeling hungry and deprived, yet again frustrated when a pair of jeans don’t fit….or the fact that some days I question every life decision, want to lie around all day, or feel weepy for no apparent reason.

But here’s the thing….people probably don’t mind hearing about these less than perfect moments and feelings because they can relate to bits and pieces, or maybe even all of it. I am many things…but definitely a relater. I feel warm and fuzzies when someone can think, “I totally know how that feels.”

Without intentionally doing so, my sister made me realize that people (who even read my blog) aren’t bothered by negative posts, but instead interested because in a sense, they may feel like they aren’t alone. No, you aren’t alone….I consider it a huge accomplishment when I can say “no thank you” to dessert offered to me.

Today is Christmas day, and because Christmas is so special, I must end on a Pollyanna note:

Three Christmases ago, Jordan proposed marriage with a beautiful ring and adorable puppy.

Two Christmases ago, we were settling into life as newlyweds.

One Christmas ago, we were expecting our first child.

And this very Christmas, we celebrate life and Jesus’s birth as a family of three with a beautiful, healthy, almost one-year-old little girl. God is good.


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