Only You

Some times in life, it’s easy to feel “not good enough.” Feelings of inadequacy may creep into our brains at different times. Quit a job? Management will find someone just as capable. Break up?  He will move on and find someone more suitable. Get out bid on your ideal house? Someone had a bigger and better offer. Get sick on the day of the show? The understudy will fill in and do just fine.

To be replaced is part of life. It’s how the “show goes on.” After all, the world keeps turning. But on a random Tuesday night while I was cuddling my daughter as part of her bedtime routine, I grabbed a new book to read her. It was titled, “Only You,” by Rosemary Wells. about a special bond between a Mama Bear and Baby Bear. Illustrated and worded so simply, I would have not imagined that I would have an epiphany moment as I read to her. It emphasized that “only you” (Mama Bear) can teach, guide, support, and love me this certain way…and nobody else could compare. 

What particularly struck me was, “Only you can make my dreams come true. Dreams lie sleeping in my heart, waiting for my world to start. Only you.” It then dawned on me. Although she has her father of course, I am mother. Only me. I’m not her understudy, her back up plan, or someone filling in.

So perhaps a disheartening fact of life is that we have and will continue to be replaced, but there is one thing I know for certain– I am her mother. Only me.

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