Leap of Faith: Living Past the What Ifs

Have you ever found yourself in a “what if” frame of mind? Perhaps it’s the anxiety from the unknown that keeps you from living fully in the moment. I was having a good (and much needed) conversation with a friend about the many possibilities that could go wrong in this world we live in—whether it’s an illness, death, loss of job, unexpected bill, the list goes on. She gracefully reminded me there is so much we have little control over and the worrying about these “what ifs” in life serves no purpose and causes undue stress. And who needs that? 

It’s the moments and conversations like these that remind me one key element I am inadvertently neglecting at that time—faith. Every single day I wake up, plop my feet on the floor, and make the conscious decision to load up my daughter in her car seat, drive to daycare, then to work, I am taking risks. Would I call myself a risk taker? No. But everyday in the smallest acts, something could go wrong. Do some things go wrong? Of course they do. It is the times when I’ve forgotten Him, this power greater than anyone or anything, that I subconsciously allow the uneasy thoughts and feelings slowly creep in. I need to remember to trust, to hope, to pray, and to love without fear. All I can do is live in the present by doing the best I can. 

Some risks obviously have greater consequences than others. Although you would not find me swimming with the sharks, bungee jumping, or sky diving, you will find me entering marriage, having children, and working. Those all have risks too, right? Although there are not many “sharks” in my workplace, you sometimes do get bit. And when you “fall” in love, you’re diving into the unknown sky—you’ll never know fully what you’re getting into with this partner. What kind of challenges will you encounter on the way down? Will you land safely and soundly?  And children—you always hope you have the right equipment for protection and that the rush is exhilarating and worthwhile, but once again, you never know. In my humble opinion, each decision requires a leap of faith—a belief that something bigger and grander than myself has these matters in His hands, carefully watching and caring for them more than I ever will know. 

Here’s to another day of leaping.


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