Loving this Growing Toddler

Dearest Violet,
When you are 14 years old, sleeping in til 11am, listening even less to your mother, learning to drive, and crushing on boys, remember this…

You were once 1 1/2 years old and finally growing some hair, a baby mullet to be exact. As mom says, “business in the front, party in the back.” Mom will likely not cut it until she absolutely needs to because she is a sentimental sap. Always has been, and always will be. And yes…there will very likely be your first lock of cut hair in your baby book (I am that kind of mom).

Your ever expanding vocabulary includes a fave word ‘no!’ (Probably a fave at age 14 too)…sky…puppy…baby…auntie…mommy…daddy…mama, papa, “mease!!” (A cross between please and me, which is your mom’s personal fave)…bye-bye…night…hi… and most recently, “love you.” It melts my heart. Then of course are some names… Ry Ry, Scottie, Judy (pronounced Dudy), Reesey (pronounced Eesey), Mary (pronounced Maui), Brody (prounounced Body), and Kim (pronounced Mim).

You love (cows) milk, and in fact the doctor says to cut back some. What!? And there’s those special super cheesey cheetos (Earl’s) from around the cities that you and your Dad share.

Your smile is bigger and with much more teeth now. You have automatically learned to exclaim “cheese” when you see anyone whipping our their cell phones. You’re smart (of course I’m biased).

You are no longer fond of the high chair and insist of sitting on your mom’s lap during dinner time. Although dad does not agree, mom lets you do this. You eat more food this way, and you won’t always want to sit with your mom (guaranteed).

I do realize that in the years to come, “Mommy” will change to “Mom.” Then eventually “Mom,” with evolve to “Mother!” and maybe even you’ll try to call me “Jenna.” I will gently correct you and remind you “It’s Mom to you.”

Up until now, bedtime and nap time were peaceful and fairly easy. Now that you’re able to express your needs more clearly, you exclaim “book!” again and again. I can recite “Where’s Spot” in my sleep. You will not only beg for more story time but for more “milk,” and “Twinkle Twinkle” to be sung to you… “more mease.” 

You can fight your naps and eventually will not allow as many kisses, but I want you to know one thing for sure…You can never fight my love for you. It will continue to grow each and every day. My heart has an endless capacity of love for you. 

So keep changing, growing, and developing into your little self. I will be there watching…in frustration, in awe, in confusion, in wonder, but most of all, in love.



3 thoughts on “Loving this Growing Toddler

  1. She really is beautiful. You have every right to be proud She seems like a super smart little gal. And yes, hold her. My two year old hates being held. Always has. 🙂

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