The Wee Hours of Mommyhood

As I sit here awake in the wee morning hours sipping on coffee uninterrupted, I decide to take advantage of my sleeplessness. It’s been quite a while since I’ve put my thoughts into written words. Normally after a 4am feeding, I can crawl back into the warm cozy bed and I’m quick succumbed by much needed slumber. But this morning is different. Today the entire family sleeps peacefully as I sit with many thoughts swirling around in my head.  I rarely have this time by myself alone with my thoughts.

My feet are sore and cracked, and I desperately need a pedicure. I should really use that gift certificate my boss gave me for my birthday. Remnants of last night’s dinner dirty the counter tops, and the dishes pile up in the sink. My shoulders and neck feel tight and heavy. I should really use that massage gift card my mom gave me for my birthday. I’m going to be very tired by 1pm today. Violet’s book order is due today. Tommy needs more clothes at daycare. Charlie forgot his favorite cars at daycare, so I need to be sure to get them later today. Will everyone be healthy at work today? I really need to watch my eating again and start losing this baby weight. Will I have enough milk for Tommy? I need to pick up the groceries for Tommy’s baptism lunch. Winter is getting so old…when will summer finally be here? I crave lake time!

Life is busy and hard. It’s messy and chaotic. It’s exhausting at times. But when I sit back this morning allowing the thoughts to just swirl around in my brain, then flowing onto the keyboard, I can’t help but be extremely grateful with many blessings. I’ve read mom blogs that I’ve liked, loved, and shared. I love being able to relate with others. But one of them recently spoke to me. A mom shared about her sacred early morning times by herself. Initially I thought, “Yeah right, that is WAY too early for my eyes to be open and my brain to be functioning.” But she’s on to something. There’s something so serene and peaceful being alone this morning with my laptop and coffee. I’m not going to lie; I hope the day goes smoothly so I’m not regretting my decision to stay awake! But really, this time is good for the soul.

I’m hoping you have a great day filled with caffeine and chocolate chip cookies (because those are just a few of my favorite things).

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